HP paper shredder oil 120 ml and 400 ml bottle on HP Pro Shredder with oil paper and open office in the background/GO Europe

Accessories for your shredder

The proper care: Shredder Oil and Shredder Oil Sheets

Special care products for your Shredder

So you can enjoy your document shredder for a long time

The cutting mechanism of your document shredder should be cleaned and maintained at regular intervals. Over time, dust and paper debris will accumulate and should be removed from your shredder. This not only prolongs the runtime and life of the shredder, but also reduces the operating noise.


The optimal way to clean your shredder is with special care products. 


The HP Shredder Oil Sheet contains the optimal oil dosage and can simply be inserted into the paper slot and shredded.

The HP Shredder Oil should first be applied in serpentine lines to a sheet of paper and then shredded. 


Both variants involve a vegetable lubricant, thus ensuring no harmful substances are released into the environment via the paper waste.


How often you should clean your paper shredder depends on how often it is in use, however at the latest when the shredder starts making strange noises or slows down, you should oil the machine.

  • Optimally matched to the HP shredders
  • Easy and fast application
  • Long-term optimal shredding result
  • A range of care products to choose from
HP paper shredder oil 120 ml and 400 ml bottle on HP Pro Shredder with oil paper and open office in the background/GO Europe
Pictograms application HP oiled paper/GO Europe

Regardless of whether you choose the HP Shredder Oil Sheet or the HP Shredder Oil in a bottle, you should first empty the waste container before beginning the cleaning process. When using the HP Shredder Oil Sheet, the paper is removed from the packaging and simply shredded.  If using the bottle, the HP Shredder Oil is first applied in serpentine lines to a sheet of paper before feeding into the shredder. Once shredding is complete, press the reverse function for 10 seconds to ensure that the cutting rollers are evenly oiled. Your shredder is now free of dust and paper residue and is once again fully operational.

Your advantages in brief

Your shredder will thank you!

Pictogram shredder cleaning finished/GO Europe

Cleaning & care

The special oil frees the cutting unit from dust and paper residues.
Pictogram paper shredder oil extends lifetime/GO Europe


Regular cleaning ensures a longer run time of the shredder.
Pictogram shredder oil reduces operating noise/GO Europe

Operating noise

With regular maintenance the noise level during operation remains pleasantly low.
Pictogram plant-based document shredder oil/GO Europe

Environmentally friendly

Use of vegetable lubricants ensures no harmful substances for the environment.
Lady with paper scraps without shredder/GO Europe

Enjoy your shredder for a long time

Benefit from longer runtime and reduced operating noise.

HP Shredder Oil or HP Shredder Oil Sheets?

The choice is yours:
HP Shredder Oil, 120 ml
HP Aktenvernichter Öl 120 ml-Flasche Frontansicht/GO Europe
HP Shredder Oil, 120 ml
HP Shredder Oil, 400 ml
Óleo para destruidora em frasco com 400 ml em vista frontal/GO Europa
HP Shredder Oil, 400 ml
HP Shredder Oil Sheets
HP Shredder Ölpapier Verpackung Frontansicht/GO Europe
HP Shredder Oil Sheets