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HP OneLam

Compact laminators for your desk.

The HP OneLam

Compact laminators for your desk - effortless and reliable laminating.

The compact laminators from the HP OneLam series are designed for laminating hobby-work as well as for private household or office use and fit neatly on every desk. These modern laminators in white design are suitable for both hot and cold lamination and impress with an intuitive operation. A function button is used to easily set the appropriate temperature based on the film thickness (maximum 125 microns) and the device is ready for use in 2-4 minutes.


The reliable and practical backloaders laminate any documents ranging from business cards up to DIN A3 format at a speed of 400 mm per minute.


The HP OneLam devices come with a cutting ruler, a corner scraper and a 15-piece starter set consisting of three A4, four A5, four A6 and four business card sheets.

The OneLam Combo A3 even has an integrated cutter.


Have you accidentally inserted the film at an angle into the laminator and a film jam has occurred? No problem, all devices have a lever to unlock the roller. After unlocking, the laminating foil is released and can be carefully removed on the input side. If you have forgotten to switch off the laminator, it automatically switches to standby mode after 30 minutes and the heating process is stopped.


If you are looking for a professional and particularly powerful laminator, convince yourself of the HP Pro Laminators.

  • Perfect laminating results up to DIN A3 format
  • Laminating speed of 400 mm per minute
  • Intuitive operation via a function button
  • Modern white design
Laminator HP OneLam Combo A3 with accessories/GO Europe
Laminator HP OneLam 400 A3 in room/GO Europe

Sealing important documents, photos or children's drawings is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the hobby sector. On the on hand, laminated documents, such as timetables, can be written on with a suitable foil pen and simply wiped off again when changes are made. On the other hand, the documents are protected from moisture, dirt and colour changes. Do you want to protect your recipes from grease splashes, your hiking map from moisture or your children's painted picture from wear and tear? Laminators can be used in many ways and help you preserve what is precious to you.

First and foremost, the format of the documents you want to laminate will be decisive for you. Of course, both the A4 and A3 devices can laminate smaller and non-formatted materials. If you need a device with an integrated cutter, the HP OneLam Combo A3 is the optimal choice for you.

HP laminators OneLam 400 A4 and OneLam 400 A3/GO Europe

Your advantages at a glance

The HP OneLam delivers what it promises:

Pictogram laminating foils hot and cold laminating/GO Europe


Suitable for hot as well as cold lamination.
Pictogram accessories laminator/GO Europe


Including foil set, corner scraper and cutting ruler.
Pictogram laminating foils thickness/GO Europe

Film thickness

Suitable for laminating films with a thickness of 80 to 125 microns.
Pictogram laminator anti paper jam/GO Europe


With a roller release lever to clear paper jams.
Laminator HP OneLam Combo A3 with foil/GO Europe

Laminators for the hobby sector

Laminators adapted to your needs

The product selection

Choose the HP OneLam that suits you best:
HP OneLam 400 A4
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HP OneLam 400 A3
Laminiergerät HP OneLam 400 A3 linke Seite/GO Europe
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HP OneLam Combo A3
Laminiergerät HP OneLam Combo A3 linke Seite/GO Europe
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